Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Oil painting

CARC organised an introductory oil painting class. Priced at $50 for a 3 hour session, I felt it was pricey (compared to what one can get on Groupon/Fave), but I decided to go for it anyway, given the convenience of location.

Very happy with my drawing!

Teacher really 画龙点睛 , literally made the dogs' eyes come alive, using subtle yet skilfull dabs of the paintbrush.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Volunteering with AIG

Another year, another day of happiness brought to the less fortunate, this time at Mett@ Welfare Assoc.

Madly impressed by the camaraderie and teamwork put up by my colls. We sacrificed much personal time into the preparation, and were the clients full of glee being entertained by dance and songs, receiving balloon sculptures and handmade decoupage rattan fans! And also folded their own origami paper hearts. Full of love! 

Organised this as early as Jan this year, and was mildly disappointed midway when a few colls couldn't make it and/or displayed lack of interest, resulting in postponing the proposed date not once but twice. Thankfully to the home in-charge for accommodating us and for their patience in answering our questions, we finally got our acts together on 13 July. There were a number of fresh faces as compared to last year and that was really heartening to know there are more like-minded people putting in a shift to contribute back to society.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen! I am proud :)

Friday, July 06, 2018

The day I lost Wisdom -2

Plucked out 2 more wisdom teeth on 28 June at CGH.

This is X-ray taken one week after surgical extraction of my LR impacted wisdom tooth:

Though it wasn't giving me problems, I was strongly recommended to remove it asap as the older one gets, the more complications there could be. Moreover, there could be food trapped between the teeth which could lead to tooth decay, if not cared for thoroughly. So I went the polyclinic -> government hospital way to remove 2 of them. After this plus last year's surgical extraction at Raffles, I still have 1 remaining on upper right. It is still hidden beneath the gums and not likely to cause any problems in the (near?) future.

Gosh, seriously where do wisdom teeth come from??? Firstly they don't serve any purpose; secondly it costs a bomb to remove them! Anyway, I'm just relieved to have them removed before they cause me any further tooth decay and/or pain. Since I've gone through extractions at both private and government hospitals, thought I'll share some wisdom with y'all on the differences between both:

Private (e.g. Raffles)
Government (e.g. CGH)
Surgical extraction (2017)
1 surgical extraction + 1 normal extraction (2018)
How to book an appointment
Call in   
Book an e-appointment at the polyclinic to have your X-ray done, and to receive a referral letter
Waiting Time
2 weeks
>6 months comprising:
- Polyclinic appointment: 1 week in advance
- Hospital appt: Depending on how busy, mine was 3 months for first appt, then another 2 months for surgery.
Comfort, facilities, equipment
Skill of Dentist
Excellent. No pain at all, after morning surgery, I could eat solids by dinner
A lot of probing and hard pricking. Struggled to eat solids for a couple of days. L Though this is very subjective, could be that this particular tooth had very strong roots
Follow up
None required. Stitches dissolved by themselves.
1 week after surgery, for routine inspection and stitch removal (which otherwise would dissolve by itself as well). Also given an open appointment valid for 2 years i.e. I can walk-in anytime without having to wait on clinic's availability.

Mejustloves2eat's recommendation:
  • If your wisdom tooth is giving you hell, quickly make a call to Raffles. Money solves the (root) (oh wow, that's a pun) problem.
  • If wisdom tooth not giving problems, can have them done at G hospital. Although my G surgery gave me some pain, the pain isn't unbearable. The savings is a few hundreds.... can buy oneself a branded wallet or shoes or something.
Both gave 5 days MC, quite "market rate". Of course, if a few hundreds isn't much to you, go Raffles lor... quick and fast!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

My (bad) luck with shares

I shall begin by admitting I am guilty for the decline in share price of Starhill Global Reit (SGX: P40U).

When I put in my purchase order in May 2018, its 52-week price hovered between 0.710 to 0.79. I put in an order at 0.715 and was delighted to get it! Immediately after I bought the shares, this was what happened:

Today, Starhill Global Reit is at $0.64 a 5-year lowest.

Whatever shares I buy, their price drops as soon as I I buy them. Same for Guocoland and QAF I bought in the last few months. I think I kinda influence the future lol.

Really no luck with shares. T_T

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cruising with Fam

Did a look back and realised the last time the whole family went for a holiday was 8 years ago! All because one of us is a slave of MOE. Jun and Dec are really terrible times to travel overseas due to peak prices and/or extremely hot/cold weather, especially with a young one in tow.

Thanks to Sponsor Daddy, all of us ventured onboard Royal Carribean's Voyager of the Seas on a 4D3N cruise to Port Klang!

Happy times:

I really, really honestly highly recommend Royal Carribean for a quality, relaxing family bonding holiday. Since everything (well, almost) has been paid for and everything you need is on board, going for a cruise is itinerary-less and stress free. On top of that, RC staff are passionate and customer centric, one feels very much like a premium guest at all times! RC is also very big on cleanliness - there's no rubbish nor stains along common areas, and it is almost mandatory to sanitize your hands before you enter the restaurant. I was most impressed by their eye for details for customer touch points, when I noticed one of them POLISHING THE EXTERIOR OF A METAL RUBBISH BIN!

Okay, I can go on and on about how fabulous RC is, go on one and experience it for yourself ;)

Anyways, as I was saying, it's been so long since the whole family spend some time together. Thanks to this holiday for allowing me to do these, which are hard to come by nowadays:

- Watching my mom dancing along to rock 'n' roll music. You should have seen her face light up when the band played "Woolly Bully", a song unheard of in my life.

- Playing table tennis with my dad. Dad was the one who introduced the sport to us. Brought back memories of our vacations at Park Towers in HK.

- Playing 1 on 1 basketball with my bro, just like our younger days! The disparity in height (and size) between then and now is stark!

- Chilling in the room with my fam and snacking while watching dumb shows on TV

- Rhetorically debating whether it is better to have stinky breath or stinky armpits =P

- Queuing and taking photos with mascots

- Late night partying with wifey till 11.30pm (mom and sis helped babysit yx)!

Thank you Royal Carribean!
We'll be back! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

OUCH #pocketburn


Okay, nation building, better public transport, improving amenities... at least the money goes towards my paymaster....

Friday, May 25, 2018

Feedback to my MP

Ever since we shifted to my current abode, we have always felt that the passageway from the carpark leading to the void deck comprised a blind spot, and it was a real safety hazard. Basically, it is at a T-junction and one is unable to sight oncoming human/bicycle until one stands at the junction. There were a couple of near-misses when I nearly walked into another's nose, but we just reminded ourselves to be more careful.

However, not too long ago wifey was carrying yx were using this passageway when a teenage boy riding an electric scooter zipped past, just mere inches away from causing an accident. This prompted me to feedback the issue to my MP. I took a few photos and described the situation:

The MP in charge of my zone, Ms Cheng Li Hui, replied the next day personally pertaining to my feedback. She understood the safety hazard and tasked her team to look into improving the safety measures. I replied and recommended installing concave mirrors.

4 weeks later:


Great work!!! So efficient!!! =)


Coincidentally, Ms Cheng was doing a residential block walkabout last Sunday with her team. Her sudden appearance caught me by surprise and I greeted her, "Hi Mrs Cheng..." by mistake, oops!

We chatted while her team stood seriously in the background, penciling down notes while stealing a few photos. I expressed my gratitude for acting so quickly into my feedback. She was like, "oh was it  about the PMD along the childcare centre?", so she remembered my feedback. Ms Cheng was really friendly and sincere during our short convo, so I took the opportunity to pass two areas of improvement (basically about the lack of sheltered drop-off point and water ponding issue at void deck), since I'm more than aware that the feedback were being documented and thus the Estate/Facilities mgmt team would be more serious looking into them.

She also shared there are many activities for seniors in the vicinity like healthy cooking demonstration. I recalled seeing something recently on the RC notice board, so I replied, "oh ya, was it the Briyani?", to which drew a loud, wide-mouth surprised gasp from her and the team! I explained I pay attention to the notice boards very often, haha.

Unfortunately yx was napping this time, or I would have asked her to see Ms Cheng in person, for when yx was younger she would mistake Ms Cheng's poster picture for wifey! Hahaha. So anyway we shook hands a few times before she and her team continued visiting other units.

But two stayed behind. The guy with the clipboard was responsible for noting down residents' feedback, and so asked for my name and contact. The lady asked if I was interested to volunteer in the RC. She shared that I seemed aware of the block and neighbourhood, as compared to "most residents who were only concerned with going to the bus stop and back home". She passed me a form and said someone would be contacting me to follow-up.

Oil painting

CARC organised an introductory oil painting class. Priced at $50 for a 3 hour session, I felt it was pricey (compared to what one can get o...