Thursday, October 12, 2017

Things to do during retirement

Sometimes I hear people sharing their dream to retire at 50, 55 years old, so they can get the time to do all the things they want to do. Having watched my father retire since his early 60's (started from semi retiring in late 50's, I think), I learnt that if you want to retire early, in addition to ensuring you spend within your means, you BETTA MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THINGS TO DO TO KILL TIME!

Let me rephrase - yeah when we take leave all we wanna do (most) is to wake up naturally? That's shiok, no doubt! Then perhaps we wash up, get dressed, stroll to kopitiam to sip coffee and read newspapers leisurely, go to the mall, maybe grocery shop, cook dinner, watch tv... OKAY my point is - these activities are shiok on a one-day leave to spend some quality me-time - BUT HEY, CAN YOU DO THIS EVERYDAY???!

Chatted with my father-in-law some time ago on the topic of retirement. He's restless and active and like the Chinese say, buttock got needles i.e. cannot sit still and must be doing something. He has the financial means to retire very early but he doesn't want to - for he would be bored doing nothing or little.

As for myself - I don't think I want to retire very early, even if I can. I don't have many hobbies or huge interests. Many of my male friends are into (and can spend time researching on) cars, watches, cameras, IT gadgets, photography etc. I don't know what I can do on a daily basis that is not boring and sustainable!? I enjoy travelling but one cannot be travelling half the year right? Errr. So. In conclusion, at this point of time I can't imagine myself sitting at home after retirement. And nope, I also not one of those uncles you see sitting outside the pet shop and singing to the caged birds.

Ha! Decided to create a mental list (even better - note it down so I can refer to in future) of the things I can do after retirement:

1) Slowly read my diaries (dating to as early as primary 5) and blog entries
2) Re-read my favourite comics (dragonball and slamdunk)
3) Do gardening
4) Busk
5) Create music like this awesome fella (go read the comments left by the viewers - this guy is wayyyyy cooler than he looks!):

6) Bonus - part-time look after grandchild(ren)???


P/S: What I think my dad does in a typical day (assuming he's not babysitting):
a) sleep 30%
b) housework chores 10%
b) newspaper 5%
c) eat, bathe, dabian and other needs 15%
d) phone (facebook, news articles, funny videos, whatsapp) 5-10%
e) mall and outside 10%
f) hobbies (photography, post-photography editing) 5%
g) worrying and nagging and looking at the clock 5-10%


Monday, September 25, 2017

Wyx updates

Love bonding with wyx over the weekends:

Wyx is getting more articulate with everyday. With the extensive knowledge of vocabs and nouns, she can put them together into complete sentences.

Just that day, I went over to my parents for dinner as usual. Yx was having her dinner at the dining table. As I stepped through the door my mom asked her to address me, "叫爸爸?"

Gesturing to her mouth, she muttered through her full mouth of porridge, "Ying Xi 没有嘴巴叫爸爸."

She meant that her mouth was occupied and couldn't call papa at the moment. LAUGH DIE US!!!


Yx is also getting more adept at colouring! We left her alone for awhile with the colouring material and she surprised us with well-defined lines made up of distinctly spaced out colours:

Time to get her a proper table and chair! 


Thursday, September 21, 2017

You've got a friend in me

Simply adorable: -


2 thoughts after watching this:

i. I really want to do this with Yx!

ii. I can't play the ukulele this well. Ok I've got 2 years to train up!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tips from recent courses

Attended back to back courses in early Sep which took me off work for a week. The good thing I like about my current job is that I really get to attend training and courses frequently. On the other hand, at my previous job I was kinda obliged, if I may use this word, to be working in the office/depot as there were meetings almost everyday; and when there was none, it was the best time for me to do some ground work and clear the outstanding red flags in my email inbox. So, yup, I really appreciate my current manageable work schedule (and employer's generosity!) which allow me to attend courses regularly.

Just to note down the applicable knowledge I picked up during the recent courses:


Potentials P1-4
Applying managerial types S1-4

Giving feedback

AID - Action, Impact, Desired Outcome
e.g. "When you did xxx during xxx, it caused the group to feel xxx... May I suggest that you xxx?"

Minutes writing

- "shared", "informed", "updated"; not "shared that", "informed that", "updated that" (grammatically wrong!)


"You can develop a reputation for being good at:
1) something you don't like;
2) something you don't know about; and
3) something whose component essential to the job you are bad at."

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Babywyx's 2nd

Cliche as it may sound - in a twinkling of an eye, babywyx is 2 years old! She's offiicially a toddler now! Not sure what the difference is between a toddler and baby, other than the former's air ticket is much more expensive...

Similar to yx's 1st bday, we had a simple, cosy celebration at my parents' place. My siblings took care of the deco which turned out to be really brilliant!

So we decided not to splurge on a $83 Barney cake; instead we got a $43 cartoon cake from Prima Deli topped with our DIY Barney cake toppers!

My wish for you, my little one Yx, is nothing but the most important things you'll need in life - good health and an abundance of happiness and wisdom. Toddlerhood will bring you (and us) more excitement, discovery and adventure! Bring it on, Terrific Twos!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Babywyx and music

When yx saw us singing into the mics, she took over:

And then she started swaying. So cute!

Last month or so, yx started humming songs. First it was a few notes here and there; gradually she began to string them together into an entire song! And she would even be singing a few words correctly.

Today she can hum & half-sing these songs:

- Alphabet song
- Twinkle twinkle little star
- If all the raindrops
- Rain rain go away
- Baby shark
- Happy birthday
- Put on your shoes
- Humpty dumpty
- If you're happy and you know it
- Jesus loves me yes I know
- liang ge xiao wa wa
- nv wa wa
- I'm a little teapot
- the lullaby my mom sings to her (yx pi juan liao, yao shui jiao...)
- the Mandarin train song (hong long long long long, wuu!)
- Wheel on the bus 
- Doraemon theme song

She's learnt so much speech and music the last few months. Now, we are introducing nouns/verbs to her in both English and Mandarin. For example, she knows these in both languages: turtle, bread, ostrich, parrot, dog, cow, milk.

She has finally learnt how to play with this book!

She can also now count to 20!

She still adores Barney; but we learnt that her favourite character from Barney is PJ! Because my parents and sis brought her to the store, and she chose PJ ahead of Baby Bop. 

Her bday is coming up soon and we would really love to buy a Barney themed cake for her!

But this would costs $90! :(

Monday, July 10, 2017


Some took leave from work
Some took time off from work
Some had to sit through couple of hours while pacifying young ones.

A suitcase of cash he won
Like a small windfall bestowed
"See, I brought a pork knuckle!"
Haha, he stuck to his promise!
To spend the first dollar!

It isn't about the quantum
But in the manner he explained,
"I figured it'd be difficult to arrange dinner."
 When he hasn't made effort to try at all.

Things to do during retirement

Sometimes I hear people sharing their dream to retire at 50, 55 years old, so they can get the time to do all the things they want to do. H...