Monday, April 03, 2017

22 hour flight coming!

Peculiar that I have a trip coming up before Hong Kong, but I'm more looking forward to the latter than the former!

The feeling when one is travelling for work is indeed vastly different. But nonetheless - I'm excited about the flight to USA!

I love taking flights. My favourite pastime would be to snuggle up in my little window seat while watching movies, and everyone else is asleep or doing their own things - this is when time seems to stop and everything else doesn't matter (except when your bladder is screaming to let go).

So I'd be taking a Japanese airline for the first time! ANA (Air Nippon Airways) is hugely raved by online and friends' reviews, I'm looking forward to the immaculate customer service that the Japanese are well-known for. Also, I will be transiting in the land of sushi! In fact I have already bookmarked which restaurant to dine at during the 2 hr transit. =D

Time to pack!

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