Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Barista coffee pop up for my office!

So I took part in a Fb contest that Deliveroo was running for Musketeers Coffee, in conjunction with International Coffee Day (thanks Nikki for the huge shout-out, and having faith in me, lol)...

I did what I am best at - writing rhymes and poems.

Here's my submission:

Surprisingly, the contest only gathered 6 entries??? They contacted me the next day to inform of my win, hooray!

I arranged the logistics for them to come bright and early on 1 Oct at 9.15am. Blasted out an email to my Div colleagues about the pop up and encouraged them to BYOM, which many of them did! :)

Queueing for their freshly brewed cuppas

My colleagues raved about their chocolate.


Wanted initially to lay low about how the office got this deal, but gradually they got to hear about it through word of mouth. Some joked that I was the sponsor, haha. So I continued the joke and suggested for the baton to be passed from colleague to colleague periodically, so all of us can enjoy something cool every month! :)

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