Monday, June 12, 2017

My SAHD week!

Nothing short of enjoyable!!! 

My parents took a week's overseas break to Korea. Wifey's work doesn't allow much flexibility so I cleared my work and took 5 days of Mandatory Block Leave (yes, even in my engineering scope of work we practise corruption prudence) to care for babywyx. Fortunately the week coincides with sis' school term break and she was good company cum chef! 









Really really enjoyed the quality bonding time with babywyx. I think we understand each other alot better now. In the mornings we slept in and woke up at ~10:30am hehehhee. I thought the most challenging part of the day would be getting her to take afternoon naps, for when she's home she's used to latching to zzz; but this week I learnt that my magic arms were able to work the magic still! =D

I'm blessed that my baby girl's a very understanding and patient kid, when we are home she can entertain herself whilst I prep her porridge and do other chores (plus a little bit of TV as distraction); when we are outside she doesn't throw tantrums or create a nuisance, and is very contented just window shopping or taking a bus/car ride. :) It is such a joy watching yx be amazed by the many scenes and sights; such fulfillment when she picks up new words/nouns/sounds; and such heart-warmth walking side by side holding her little hand - I should say this joy, fulfillment and heart-warmth are emotions that only parents can feel and appreciate, and I am very proud to be a father to my babywyx :)

 P/S: I thought yx put on weight this week, and my mom agreed!

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