Friday, July 28, 2017

Babywyx and music

When yx saw us singing into the mics, she took over:

And then she started swaying. So cute!

Last month or so, yx started humming songs. First it was a few notes here and there; gradually she began to string them together into an entire song! And she would even be singing a few words correctly.

Today she can hum & half-sing these songs:

- Alphabet song
- Twinkle twinkle little star
- If all the raindrops
- Rain rain go away
- Baby shark
- Happy birthday
- Put on your shoes
- Humpty dumpty
- If you're happy and you know it
- Jesus loves me yes I know
- liang ge xiao wa wa
- nv wa wa
- I'm a little teapot
- the lullaby my mom sings to her (yx pi juan liao, yao shui jiao...)
- the Mandarin train song (hong long long long long, wuu!)
- Wheel on the bus 
- Doraemon theme song

She's learnt so much speech and music the last few months. Now, we are introducing nouns/verbs to her in both English and Mandarin. For example, she knows these in both languages: turtle, bread, ostrich, parrot, dog, cow, milk.

She has finally learnt how to play with this book!

She can also now count to 20!

She still adores Barney; but we learnt that her favourite character from Barney is PJ! Because my parents and sis brought her to the store, and she chose PJ ahead of Baby Bop. 

Her bday is coming up soon and we would really love to buy a Barney themed cake for her!

But this would costs $90! :(

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